Presentation of the AudioBook is critical !

TalkiBooki (TB) chats with Santanu Ghosh (SG), Co-Founder, Bookfarm, one of the most popular & talked about publishing houses in recent times. His candid view on trends & possibilities of audiobooks, from a publisher's POV, is worth a read.

TB : Audiobook - is it a threat or a new support platform for physical book publishing industry ?

SG : Definitely a support platform. An audiobook creates a great support system to reach wider audience, new sampling opportunity, a marketing tool.

TB : How do you see Audiobook industry can compliment physical book publishing in near future ?

SG: Yes, as I said, it can compliment physical book industry by reaching a wider audience/readers. New age readers would consume both - physical & digital formats. Hence, audiobook is consistently increasing scope of the market & helping a Publisher to be future-ready with changing digital content space.

TB : Does 'Audio' add value to a written story ? Or should written format be left to readers' mind as to how they would create the 'theatre of mind' reading the book ?

SG : Yes. audiobook adds quite a value to a written story, if presented well, in today's busy schedule, one can listen to it while doing something else, non-intrusive. But the presentation of the audiobook must be done with much care & in a structure which is audience friendly.

TB : Do you see some day, Audiobook version of your publication is released before the launch of the physical copy ?

SG : Yes. It is possible.

TB : Do you plan to foray into Audiobook in near future ?

SG : Not yet.

TB : In coming digital era, which will survive & be more popular - E-Book or AudioBook ?

SG : In my opinion, all formats will survive with their own follower base. All formats have their own proven potential and the platforms will keep on complementing each other as they evolve.


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