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Audiobook recreates 'character' !

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

TalkiBooki (TB) invited eminent literati Saswati Nandy (SN), author of best selling novels 'Daityer Bagan', 'Basanta Afuran', 'Swapno Balaka' & more, for a blog with her views on audiobook.

TB : Do you think audiobook has future among new generation & why ?

SN : Technology is the anthem of the new generation. Moreover most of them are multitaskers. Managing time is a big factor for them. So audiobook found a new way to entertain them. I have a strong feeling that audiobooks, specifically in shorter formats, are going to be immensely popular among new generations, in near future.

TB : Does audiobook impact physical sales of book by anyway ?

SN : Audio books can be heard at anytime anywhere using smart phones making it portable, which a printed book cannot. So day by day demand of audiobook is increasing. I will not say it is impacting sales of physical books in negative way. It is in another way, I believe, widening reach of an author to a digital savvy generation. Now in days to come, whether audiobook will compete or complement physcial books, that time only can say.

TB : According to you which works well for an audiobook - adaptation of the storyline in audiobook format or readout of the book as it is ?

SN : Adaptation of the storyline in audiobook format is a better way to reach out to the listeners. It recreates the characters and helps to visualise the story. Its impact on the mind is augmented.

TB : Someday, would you want your audiobook to be published before the physical book is made available on stand ? Someday, do you see your story is published as 'Audiobook Only' format ?

SN : Physical existence of anything helps to treasure it. Hence, as an author, I will definitely prefer a book in printed format. At the same time I welcome it in audio formats, to cater to wider readers-base and listeners.

TB : Any recent audiobook that you have listened to & recommend to the audience ?

SN : I enjoy listening to 'Sunday Suspense' time & again, their existing & new releases.

(a collection of audio-stories written by Saswati Nandy, will soon be available exclusively on TalkiBooki app)

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