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AudioBook is a new possibility!

In her first blog with TalkiBooki, Dwaita Hazra Goswami, one of the most prolific authors of recent times, shares her views on AudioBook & changing dynamics of book reading & publishing.

1. Do you think audiobook has future among new generation & why ? Yes, of course!

I think audio books have gained huge popularity among the new generation. A big reason for this is that they love technology, ease of use and they always love to surf the internet on the go. They are so busy that they have very little time to read books offline. Audio books can be easily listened while traveling or working out. There is a lot of incredible work going on in this domain right now. I believe audiobooks are going to stay for a long time and transform the book reading space in the future.

2. Does audiobook impact physical sales of book by anyway ?

Yes, quite a bit. Even if the listener of the audiobook and the reader of the general book are different, the listener becomes a reader very quickly. That might increase the sales of the book and also that will make the author more popular for sure.

3. According to you which works well for an audiobook - adaptation of the storyline in audiobook format or readout of the book as it is ?

I think it depends on what kind of book is being read or the author's writing style. Many writers write dialogue based prose. Everything is not just told through narration. There is a drama so they can be read as it is. But there are many stories that are not interesting in audio format unless you change a little. That adaptation must be done with author's permission.

4. Someday, would you want your audiobook to be published before the physical book is made available on stand ? Why not? It can obviously happen. When the audio book is much more interesting to the new generation writers will also inevitably lean towards this. These things are evolving fast and what lies in the future no one knows, but these experiments are worth trying.

5. Someday, do you see your story is published as 'Audiobook Only' format ?

Yes. I am always open to new possibilities in these dynamic socio-economic conditions.

6. Any recent audiobook that you have listened to & reccomend to the audience ? I think, Sunday Suspense has done some good works in this domain but now it is not limited only to them. Now, there are many channels on YouTube, Storytel also has done very good audio stories. I hope TalkiBooki will set a new standard through the good work and lead this segment in the market.

(Odd-Bhuture, a fascinating paranormal thriller series, written by the same author is coming soon on TalkiBooki app)

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